The All Access Water Polo Mission

First off, I want to say thank you for stopping in and taking the journey of blogging with me. What really inspired me to get into writing about Water Polo was not only my years of playing, but my desire to spread the sport and shed some much needed light on the game I love so much. As we all delve into the sport together, whether it be through engaging stories from past players and coaches,  interviews, current happenings around the world, and so much more, I hope that you spread the word, not just of this blog but of the great sport of Water Polo itself.

Without word of mouth, engagement, and some much needed publicity, I feel that the sport of Water Polo will only continue to grow at the minute pace that it does in the US today. And while that might be okay for some, I want the sport itself to be a household name, a sport that rivals Soccer and Baseball as the top played sports for kids growing up, a sport that someday I can turn on the TV and watch on a Saturday afternoon. Now while this may be a lofty goal (and by no means do I expect to achieve this goal through this blog alone) I believe that not only am I up for the challenge, but the Water Polo community is as well. So not only do I hope that this blog highlights the great sport of Water Polo, but I hope it inspires you to continue to spread the word about our sport and help turn it into the next great American tradition that I know it can be.

There are a few things I plan to achieve here on All Access Water Polo. I plan to interview people who involve themselves daily within the water polo community (referees, coaches, past and current players) that can share their unique insights and stories about the sport. I plan on providing first hand knowledge about the sport, engaging stories from my past and current experiences, sound advice, and a lot of sarcasm. Additionally, and most importantly, I hope that this experience is a fun and engaging one. One that each reader feels comfortable to comment on and debate on. Because the story of this great sport is best said through the mouths of those involved in it on a daily basis. Everyone has a story to tell, whether you are a past player, current player, an admirer, a coach, a referee, a common fan. Everyone can enjoy our great sport.

So again, thank you for stopping by, stopping in, and taking a look around. There is so much more to come as we go along, and I couldn’t be more excited to have each and every one of you along for the ride.

-All Access Water Polo

“If you can’t play nice, play Water Polo”

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