What Does Beach Water Polo Have to Offer?

Honestly, I had never considered that ‘Beach Polo’ could become much more than a fun drill to kill a beautiful practice day with. Despite my initial misgivings, further consideration and clearly successful examples helped me isolate several reasons why implementing ‘Beach Polo’ as an entirely different sport might help increase the number of people playing and watching all types of Water Polo.

Keeping It All Together- The ‘Glue’ of the team.

“…the glue guy is the identity of your team and the culture of your program.” -Coach Everist, California Golden Bears  In July of 2010, the Miami Heat basketball franchise changed forever when the greatest player in the world uttered the phrase “I’m going to bring my talents to South Beach and become a member ofContinue reading “Keeping It All Together- The ‘Glue’ of the team.”

Power Ranking the Game’s Unsung Heroes

We all know them and love them. They provide the little things that make the team tick and some pivotal help along the way… I’m talking about the various (and always entertaining) positions of “bench guy”. This is not subject to men or women, age or talent level. This is merely a power ranking of the various roles on the bench that raise any run of the mill program up to the big leagues.

No Whistle? No Pool Space? No Problem!

Water Polo programs across the country often find themselves struggling for the pool space and equipment they desire to train the way they would like to. Aquatic directors sometimes have the difficult job of partitioning pool space and funds out to multiple teams which all share a single facility at similar times.  Unless a WaterContinue reading “No Whistle? No Pool Space? No Problem!”

No One Wants to Take College Algebra Again: An Opinion on the State of Water Polo Broadcasts

By: Adam King Sports broadcasts are forms of entertainment by nature. The crowd noise, in-depth commentary and the high levels of gameplay are all signature pieces to the overall puzzle of a great viewing experience for many. Now strip the crowd noise and detailed commentary and what do you get? -most Water Polo broadcasts. TheContinue reading “No One Wants to Take College Algebra Again: An Opinion on the State of Water Polo Broadcasts”

5 Common Mistakes New Coaches Make

Coaching Water Polo requires an entirely different skill compared to playing it. An effective coach must be proficient in teaching a player the skills they need to be successful while at practice and during competition. To accomplish this, a coach must have the expertise necessary to run practices effectively in the first place, but mustContinue reading “5 Common Mistakes New Coaches Make”

The College Water Polo All Star game

Imagine this; a three-game series between two teams which feature the best Division I collegiate Water Polo players in the country. Each team’s coach and players would be elected by their peers and captained by the Cutino award winner and runner up. The series would be scheduled as part of the Junior Olympic tournament thatContinue reading “The College Water Polo All Star game”

The Rule of Two: The best way to navigate choosing team leadership.

By: Connor G. Predmore In Water Polo, picking the proper team leadership is so important because of the nature of the sport. With only seven players in the water at any given time, individual mistakes can be costly. Each person is required to quickly switch between utilizing fast, controlled aggression with intelligent, purposeful technique. GivenContinue reading “The Rule of Two: The best way to navigate choosing team leadership.”

The D3 Championship and what it means for sport growth moving forward

I’m not going to lie. When I first heard about the idea of implementing a D3 Championship, I thought it was a great idea and a great opportunity for the sport. It definitely is, however I didn’t immediately think about the deeper impact the implementation of that championship game would have on the sport movingContinue reading “The D3 Championship and what it means for sport growth moving forward”

Questions from Reddit: Overcoming Adversity

Something that I’ve had trouble with lately is coming up with content for the blog outside of the interviews I’m conducting. What do people want to hear? What do they want to read? What would keep them engaged? I posed the question on Reddit and immediately got a response about a young man who neededContinue reading “Questions from Reddit: Overcoming Adversity”