No Whistle? No Pool Space? No Problem!

Water Polo programs across the country often find themselves struggling for the pool space and equipment they desire to train the way they would like to. Aquatic directors sometimes have the difficult job of partitioning pool space and funds out to multiple teams which all share a single facility at similar times.  Unless a WaterContinue reading “No Whistle? No Pool Space? No Problem!”

The Rule of Two: The best way to navigate choosing team leadership.

By: Connor G. Predmore In Water Polo, picking the proper team leadership is so important because of the nature of the sport. With only seven players in the water at any given time, individual mistakes can be costly. Each person is required to quickly switch between utilizing fast, controlled aggression with intelligent, purposeful technique. GivenContinue reading “The Rule of Two: The best way to navigate choosing team leadership.”